/Imbue weapon  : Phageborn TCG
/Dominium  spaceship sketch
/Tilleke Cruiser
/Plagued Predator -  Phageborn TCG
/Infected Ones
/Ship silhouettes
/Tower Tournamet - boardgame gameart
/Ostatni dzien pary II
/Deadly race in Speed Demons
/Skymour - Gamedec - colorshift
/Ember Fanatic : Phageborn TCG - enhanced
/D-zone - ship 01
/D-zone - rocky land
/El Seco
/New Rose Hotel
/Deadly hybrid
/Dominium spaceships
/Orzeł Biały
/Torkil in coremour
/Grand Captain - character
/Allseeing Tower
/Little stars from the sky
/Exodus - Skull Pass
/Knight of Fire
/jungle recon mission
/Forest Fairy / Elfik
/Próżny Robot - Proud Robot
/gamedec equipement
/ImagineFX  workshop - Pathfinder
/Environment sketch
/Wieża Mgieł /  Tower of Mist
/Sky crawler
/Obcy Świat/Alien World
/Arka / The Ark