Recent artworks

/Derelict - Spaceship
/Exodus - Skull Pass
/Próżny Robot - Proud Robot
/Za Tamą - Alpaka
/Bad Santa - Shadow Era TCG
/Portrait - sketch
/Orzeł Biały 3
/Insolent Pup - Shadow Era TCG
/Krugal Quickshot - Shadow Era TCG
/Maze Shrine  -  Aeon Trespass: Odyssey
/Skevrox - Shadow Era TCG
/Vess Swifthands - ShadowEra
/Siren Colony -  Aeon Trespass: Odyssey
/Aldreides - Shadow Era
/Lookout - ShadowEra
/Torn apart - Shadow Era
/Orzeł Biały
/Vampire clerk - TowerTournament
/New Rose Hotel


My name is Łukasz Matuszek, I live in Poland. I am an experienced freelance artist.

Illustrations for book covers, CD covers, boargames, cardgames, videogames, those kind of artworks are my most common commisions, but I've done many conceptart also, such as character and environment design.

I encourage you to explore my gallery. I'm sure you will find something iteresting there. :)

Łukasz Matuszek 'Ortheza'