My name is Łukasz Matuszek. I am an experienced freelance artist. Have a look at my portfolio. You can see here illustrations, covers and other graphics.


/Plagued Predator -  Phageborn TCG/Infected Ones/Tower Tournamet - boardgame - gamart/Powerblow : Phageborn TCG/Flamedancer  : Phageborn TCG/Voidlord - Phageborn TCG


/Deadly race in Speed Demons/Skymour - Gamedec - colorshift/D-zone - ship - forest level/D-zone - ship 01/D-zone - forest land/D-zone - cave


/Deadly race in Speed Demons/D-zone - forest land/D-zone - cave/D-zone - rocky land/New Rose Hotel/Allseeing Tower
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